North Coast Music Festival 2022

North Coast Music Festival 2022


Date(s): September 02-04, 2022

Venue: Seatgeek Stadium

Location: 7000 S Harlem Ave, Bridgeview, IL, 60455




We love music. It gives us escape when the world is too much, therapy when we’re feeling down, inspiration to create, and so much more. North Coast lineups include bass, trance, techno, electronica, and being a Chicago-land festival, a healthy amount of house, with everything in between.

Our aim is to give tribute to the giants of our culture that paved the way before us, while allowing new sounds to flourish and the culture to evolve.

This diversity is a core tenet of our ethos that a party is best when you can meet and embrace all walks of life.

No matter your preference, we host hundreds of artists from all over the world, from underground sounds to international superstars, on premier stage production designed to blow you away.

We got you covered.

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